In 2002 following the the entrepreneurship spirit of one of its actual council member, the Tudo na Medida.com was born for fulfilling the area of sized goods in Brazil.


Used to work in a very competitive and high-tech market, in less than two years the sized furniture’s sales were migrated from show-rooms and public stores to the e-commerce only.

New products were added to the portfolio among a small, but ever present, technical support for the 3rd age citizens and, besides PCs, medical and dentistry small devices maintenance.

In 2017, we were proud to announce to the market a new division that comes to offer very skilled and effective special services to the dentists and that excel the expectations of the Radiologic Clinics’ owners in Brazil, It is the:


Located in the Brazil’s most important economic center any main city can be reached by flights. The most remote areas. Flights and then, roads.

The Brazilian public mail services can deliver to Sao Paulo any pack until the next morning.

In Sao Paulo, for avoiding the heavy traffic, all the shipments are made by motorcycles.

Multipurpose positions.

Electrical Laboratory:
Full equipped, it attends the small dentistry device’s and printed circuit boards maintenance.

Specific environments are available on the network for simulations during the support to the users.

Servers Laboratory
Hardware and software automation for simulations and maintenance for the Capture, Dicom and Applications Servers.

Advantages offered
Original spare parts provided by the authorized dealers;
Fully traceable parts
Services’ data-records and logs storage
Preventive maintenance program control
Warranty maintenance control linked to the dealers
Master Technician trained at the factories
Laboratory Leader trained at the factories
Staff qualified and trained.

and mainly:
for the reactivation of large x-ray devices!



Mission Vision Values
To provide specialized maintenance services with high technical and logistic capacity, guarantee the customer's business activity within the standards of the services established by the represented brands. That the recognition of the excellence on the after-sales services provided remain a differential for the brands and partners represented. The
Client's satisfaction
based on
Ethics, Knowledgement and Quality
Commitment, Respect and Transparency,
must guide our conduct.